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-^^- -^^- ---=>====<^^.. Key Croc ..^^>====<=--- " " by Hak5 " "

     -+- QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE v1.0 -+-

||                           |_________________________/-----+
||   *                       |________________________|  | : |
||                           |                         \-----+
 |  |  |
 |  |  +-- Arming Mode Button (under device)
 |  +-- Status LED Light
 +-- USB Keyboard Host Port


Congratulations on your new Key Croc by Hak5! For the best experience, we recommend reviewing the documentation at and checking for software updates at You will find a wealth of knowledge and a helpful community of creative penetration testers and IT professionals on the Hak5 forums at Welcome!

Getting Started

  1. Plug inline between a keyboard and computer.

  2. Type as usual – keystrokes will be recorded.

  3. Press the arming button using a paperclip or SIM card tool. The Key Croc will become a flash drive, and the recorded keystrokes will be saved in the loot folder.

    Next, browse to the KeyCroc flash disk. You will find a config.txt file on the root of the disk, as well as a LOOT folder containing keylog files. Edit the config.txt file to specify key map (keyboard layout/language), as well as SSH, WiFi and other functions. Additional help on using the pattern-matching payloads can be found in the full documentation at

    Default Settings

    username: root password: hak5croc hostname: croc

    LED Status

    Green --- Booting up Red ----- Error Cyan ---- Configuring WiFi per config.txt Magenta - Configuring Keylogger Blue ---- Arming Mode Yellow -- Disk Full White --- No Keyboard Detected

Check out my youtube videos on this device.

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